Garage Fire Wall II

These doors are in the garage wall. The open into the basement. They are solid core doors. The framing around the doors is not a fire rated assembly. How much would you say about them?

How thick are the doors? 1.25 inches of wood is 1/2 hour burn time (if i remember right) Assuming they are closed if/when a fire starts.

Yes, they are 1 1/2 thick. No self closers.

The frame is as thick as the door Buck, I don’t see a problem with it.

Regarding the 20 minute fire rated “door”, there is no such thing.

It is properly referred to as a 20 minute fire rated door “assembly” which would include the frame and associated hardware all of which would be included in the door “assembly”

This comes from the NFPA 80 Standard which is the authority standard for testing of fire rated door assemblies.

Having a label on the door leaf alone would not constitute a proper assembly.

That being said, the IRC does specifically permit the solid wood and the steel solid core or honeycomb core doors of 1-3/8" thickness.

And it also give you a choice. 1-3/8" door** or **a 20 minute rated door, which would have a label. :slight_smile: