Garage fire wall questions

This is a friends house and I was looking because that what I do.
I told him the walls obviously need drywall but his furnance is pushed up against the wall can he drywall to the furnance and be ok?

Does the ledger on the fire wall have to be rocked also, or can rock go to top and bottom and be caulked?

The main duct above the furnace is rigid pipe with insulation on it does the pipe need something else on it to make it fire resistant?

Then there is the dryer duct I assume it can vent into nonliving unfinished garage, but does the flex pipe approved for that application?

I think these are all good questions.I always try to find the answers first,but sometimes Experience is needed.



Check the clearances around the furnace. It should be listed on or inside the furnace. I’ve never seen zero clearance. The furnace should be moved away from the wall so that the wall can be properly covered in fire-rated drywall.

In regards to your dryer vent questions:

  • The dryer vent should be vented outdoors, and should have an appropriate termination with a backdraft feature, and no screen.
  • The only flexible vent that should be used is 4" aluminum semi-rigid vent line. Foil or vinyl flex venting should not be used for a dryer vent.