Garage firewall and storage cabinets

Hello all,

Just curious if any of you report storage cabinets attached to a garage firewall? The code is a little murky on this. (not that we are code enforcers)

Thanks, and I look forward to your replies.

Btw, I usually mention that combustible materials mounted to a garage firewall, adjacent to a living Space, is not recommended.


If the firewall is not damaged, I don’t have a problem with attached cabinets or shelving. Of course it is quite impossible to see if the wall is damaged in back of any attached cabinets.

I see no reason to have any warning about wood shelving or cabinets on those walls. I think that is an over-reaction by quite a bit. JMHO.

Actually I know where he is going with this one, If it is directly fasten to the wall there could be a transfer of heat through the fasteners . I would not write it up because if it is that hot , In most cases the fire wall would only delay not prevent penetration .Good point however.
With what most people store on shelving in garages it is a wonder more disaster do not happen , 5 gallons of gas, fertilizer , Propane tanks , and lord only knows what other chemicals , Pool Supplies. Insecticide . It was great being a Fire fighter LOLOL


Double Ditto!

Thanks for the response guys!

I was reading the code on this, (which can be hard to get the point of the code, I didn’t quote it here.) and it says combustible materials can’t be anchored to the drywall in such a way as it could pull off the drywall (firewall) if the event of a fire. So, how do you know which storage cabinets are installed this way or not???

It was helpful reading the replies, it helped.
Thanks again! Be safe out there!