Vinyl siding on walls of attached garage

Is vinyl siding approved to be installed on the walls of an attached garage? Would having 1/2 drywall behind the vinyl be sufficient firewall? I’m thinking not a good idea.

On the interior or exterior?

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Sorry. Interior walls.

Nope ! It shouldn’t be there.

Potential black smoke fire hazard!

Thanks guys. That’s what I figured. A good friend of mine was bragging about doing this to his garage. Is there a specific code that I can read up on about this?

You don’t need a code. It is not a fire rated wall assembly if it is between garage and house.

Gotcha. Thanks.

5/8 everywhere I’ve been

Just playing devil’s advocate here and not saying I think it is ok but if the wall beneath is fire rated who is to say he couldn’t. People put wood shelves and plastic shelves on garage walls all the time what would be the difference.


That’s what I was thinking Les. If it has the proper thickness of gypsum board behind the siding I’m not sure that it’s not code compliant.

I thought he said 1/2 in.
And he said if approved
I don’t know :confused: 🤷

Why not put fiber cement siding instead of vinyl? :thinking:

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I put cement board up for my kitchen walls instead of drywall. Its fire rated. I shouldn’t say fire rated. But I think you know what I mean.
I spend way too much money on materials for my own house. Its mine I got to live in it.
I also used galvanized nails almost everywhere. After I seen a few brights rusted immediately.
Going off topic now.
I used pressure treated lumber for floor joists because it was above a crawlspace.
I got OCD

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I also overkill at my house. :grinning:

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It would cause major Havoc if the fire broke out in the garage

That would be impractical for a garage

SO vinyl is? The OP wanted to put siding on the inside of his garage why not cement siding? He can wash a vehicle in his garage and not worry about getting his drywall wet.

It isn’t necessary!

He was going for looks, Maybe that is what he wants? over the drywall.

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