Garage Floor Drains:

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On a recent inspection I noted on my report that the garage floor had a series of holes drilled in it to drain water because a floor drain wasn’t installed. Not only will these holes drain water that accumulates in the garage but they’ll let water in also. The owner of the home stated that it was against the code to install one. He had water problems and decided to drill the holes to rectify the situation. Of course this became a bargaining chip for the buyer. I’ve been in the construction business for 30 years as a builder, real estate developer, and engineer. I was intrigued by this so I looked it up in the NYS building code. The code states that floor drains are allowed. However after talking to the code enforcement officer who issued the C of O floor drains are against the NYSDEC law enacted in 1995. Can anyone confirm this DEC law who has a business in NYS?

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I am not in NY and can not confirm, but floor garage drains are not allowed in many areas. Gasoline fumes fall to the lowest point.

Please do not ask for a reference. It has been years since I have seen it.

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