Garage floor structure is compromised

Not sure of home age(no records) though a toilet dated me back to 1957 However on initial walk through I noticed a temp jack in place and decided to remove a few ceiling tiles .

This was lower level of home on a slope and under the garage.

Turns out they ran a floor drain and cracked the hollow core concrete blocks to do this.

I am unfamiliar with this type of floor structure so can anyone help me out on the integrity/repair and history or explanation of this type support for the garage pad.

(side note) 100 mi round trip and I am going back there today because I forgot something meaning if a new picture is needed let me know now.

Makes me wish we could do a live video while talking (Skype style)



This is generally installed to separate apartment floors. I have never seen it either for this application. I would think that in this application you would need a signed off engineers plan. That being said if it is damaged it no longer has the support for the garage to have a vehicle in it.

Here is info on Hollow core flooring. Hope this helps.

This looks like it maybe a beam and block flooring/ceiling.
The Beam & Block system is an alternative method to hollow core and wide slab floor systems. This method consists of having T beams spanning across the floor area, wall to wall. The system involves using pre-stressed, inverted “T” beams which are in filled with standard concrete]( blocks. Beams are produced to give nominal depths from 150mm to 225mm and are placed at 520mm and/or 295mm centres depending on the span and load.
Joints between the beams and blocks are to be grouted after installation and before screeds are placed. Insulation can be laid directly on top of construction. Screed is then poured to give a smooth finish to receive floor covering.

I would think that with the damaged to concrete blocks that possibly the structural integrity has been compromised and may need further review from a structural engineer to be sure.


That is considered a structural floor system. The strength of the hollow concrete tubes has been compromised. I would call it out as a structural issue and I would recommend to the current owner to keep people from walking over this area until it has been reviewed by a structural engineer and/or repaired.

Thanks everyone as it is good to confirm this.
My client visited here to grab the shots for his Structural Engineer.
There is a car and tractor parked in the garage.