Wind Mit roof geometry question

Detached garage with a small portion of garage roof is attached to the main house siding. Does the garage have to be included in the form? Thanks for the help.

Great pics. I would say no and it looks like the residence is a hip roof design. On the other hand I can see an underwriter saying that if the roof of the garage is attached to the framing and not the siding than they would not give credit as the garage roof can disappear and the wall framing be exposed. Interesting to read what others would do.

Thanks for the reply. I was thinking the same thing. Guess I’ll wait for a few more responses and then go with my gut, unless someone thinks differently.

A picture of the top and bottom of the garage roof will help.

It looks like the garage roof is connected to the main house through the siding, not just nailed to it,in which case, I would say it is part of the structure. The good news is that the main house looks like a hip roof and there is a lot to add to the perimeter number including the garage. I think it would depend on if the entire back of the garage was a gable roof or only half of it.

Is the roof in picture three over the French doors the point of attachment?

I am guessing after it is measured, it is going to be a non-hip (other on the form) roof, by a few feet.

Yes the point of attachment is over the door. Not a French door, just regular hinged door. So are you saying that if it attached to the framing, then it needs to count, but if attached to siding it doesn’t?

The reason I asked for a picture from the top of the roof, is that it looks like that is some sort of flat roof that covers the walkway to the garage. On the other hand, it may just be a porch overhang that butts up against the garage.

As I said earlier, it might not matter.
Say you have 160 feet for the main house as the perimeter. Then, say the garage is 40 x 20.that gives you 280 for the perimeter of both buildings. If the non-hip features are less than 28 feet, then it is still a hip roof. If it isn’t connected to the structure, then it is a hip roof as well.

I would suggest to everyone to take pictures of the connection points from below and above in order to back up whatever you put on the form.

I am going with no based on what I can see in these photos.

Thanks guys for your help. I think the answer is no. I’m going with that for now. We’ll see what happens.

Not so fast. That is not a “detached garage” as far as structure is concerned. It would be included in the roof geometry, since it is also enclosed. If it was a true detached garage, it would not be included.

Even if it is attached to the siding it is attached?

It’s enclosed…doesn’t matter how it is attached.

Ok. Thanks again guys.