Additions on Manufactured Homes

What would be good wording to put in report regarding additions on mobile homes. I have seen them with room additions, carports, and porches all attached to the manufactured home. I know Manufactured homes are not supposed to have attached structures. Does Manufacture Home companies have any kind of wording on this.

its not necessarily a problem to put an addition on a manufactured home. the manufacturer may say it voids the warranty but they werent about to pay anything anyway. If done properly and it is essentially free standing than what could be the problem?

When I got married many years ago we bought a man. home / trailer on two acres of land. It was somewhat small and I added a 16x16 room on back at the back door. Nice painted drywall, wood windows, felt like a real house. Only problem I was always having roof leaks were the two units meet. Room lasted longer than the mobile home.

That has been my experience as well. Having an addition does present some logistical problems, Say in a trailer park where the home isnt really mobile any more. Removing the trailer may end up destroying it.

After kids went to school and wife went to work we built a nice house on the property and sold the trailer. Older man purchased and moved it with a decent screened in front deck/porch with an aluminum top that I had added. also had problems with that top leaking where the structures met. Had some good times in that old Mobile Home, but was glad to move into a real house. Thought that I would never be able to fill the new house. Two car garage was only able to accommodate cars for about six months, If had to move don’t know what I would with all the Stuff!