Garage Roof Tile

I posted several pictures a while back on a tile roof for a 1 year warranty inspection that had exposed nails. The head lap joint did not properly cover them. My inspection was verified by an independent roofer.

This is a photo of their repair. After looking closer at this gable style roof I decided to count the rows of tile. One side has 11 rows and the other side has 12. After finding that I went to two homes that are the same model. They all have 12 rows on each side.

My opinion is that the tile need to be removed on that side of the garage and reinstalled with the proper overlap. Am I too picky? How long do you think their repair will last?

About 6 months Gary, until the silicone gets cooked to death–:twisted:

Cheap azz builders, huh?..unreal what we see.

I am with Dale on this one, the “repair” will last weeks, and that still doesn’t get away from the fact that the tiles were not installed in compliance with the manufacturers installation instructions. I too would be looking to have that side re-tiled correctly.



What time is it now Gary…I think time is up for that repair…jim

I am surprised they didnt do the same thing on the other side. It is called shorting. They short the roof by a row of tiles. After about 14 houses done like this they have enough tiles to do an entire roof!!