Tile roof

Can anyone tell me from the attached photos, if the top of these tile shingles caps are installed correctly? It appears to me that they are secured with some type of wire tie.

Thanks!! for your input.

Looks OK. They are also nailed along the rake edge. The wire is holding the two opposing cap tiles together on that corner. I doubt there was any way to put another nail in there correctly.

Buck, it looks to me like the Tiles are fastened with Clear Silicone Caulk which dries out in a year or two here in AZ and the Tiles start to slide from their intended position, I have no idea what the tie is for, it could be for a future wire they install across the top of the roof with a bare wire (low voltage) from one side of the roof to the other to keep Pigeons off the roof, if there is one of those things on the other side of the roof Cap, I bet that’s what it was going to be used for, but it should have nothing to do with holding the Tile on the roof.

There should be nails in the Tiles also, they come from the factory with holes in them for nail attachment…but sometimes the lazy ********, just use Caulk.

It looks like the Tie is to tie the two tiles together!

Were you on that roof when you took the photos? You have to be very careful with tiled roofs since walking or putting your weight on the tiles can cause broken tiles leading to lost $$ out of your pockets.

I never WALKED this roof. I know the photos are hard to see, those are some type of wire ties. I look at some other roofs in the same area, no ties on them, a roofer qualified roofer will look at it.


Hi Buck,

Looks like the rake edges aren’t nailed, if they were the nailswould have broken the underlying tile, they glued them there as they are in fact the wrong “hand” if they were the correct "hand you wouldn’t be able to see the nail holes as they would be covered by the tile aboves overlap.

Does that make sense?? :shock:



How can you inspect this roof if you dont walk on it. How do you know there are not other issues up there, If you ask me, this is a dis-service to your customer. You would be hard pressed to break any tiles on that roof.

There was also snow in the valleys!!

And your point is??

Sop says you do not have walk roofs William , Many times i have not got on roof because of the pitch or hight , Metal or tile doesn’t matter if it is not safe . Thats why I carry a video camera pole , Binoculars . And carefully check the underside . I also use a flir.

No point, William, I just do not walk on roofs with snow on them!!!

So your telling me that because there was snow in the valleys the rest of the roof could not be walked on?

I guess I am, when was the LAST time it snowed in FLORIDA???


I am a slim 230, those tiles are not easy to break

I would not walk on a roof with snow either, where there is snow, there is water, I am not slipping and falling off a roof when I can pull out some binoculars from the ladder

It must be a regional thing. :cool: I head out with intent to walk, but frost, wind, rain or slime changes everything. Do you get slug slime in Florida?

John Kogel

Usually just some mildew in the morning, so I save the roof for last till after the sun has been out for an hour.

I am not advocating walking on a roof that is dangerous to access. My point is, there are posts here where some pretty lame excuses are given for not walking a roof (and I know that RR would disagree with me). You cannot give an good inspection through binoculars alone. If you are going to automatically deferring a roof to a licensed contractor / roofer (and you would almost have to if you dont walk it) - why are you charging them for something they are not getting.

SOP’s do not require us to walk roofs.

You are no more obligated to walk a roof than you are to disassemble an entire furnace to make sure all the parts are OK.

Inspectors need to decide for themselves what they’re comfortable with as far as walking roofs. People get killed falling from roofs.

Don’t let anyone pressure you into a potentially dangerous position you’re not comfortable with- ever. It’s your *** and your family you’re working to provide for, not theirs.

Those rake tiles have upper and lower nail holes. The upper holes (partially hidden by the overlapping tiles have nails in them. They’re fine.

Possibly incorrect.

It depends on the tile manufacturer. Some provide tiles with pre-punched holes on both ends, so that the tiles are reversible and could be used on an opposing side rake edge.

Also, the holes are typically Not punched all the way through and would require drilling the remainder, if required.

The two top tiles “Could Have Been” installed with a long, 6" to 8" screw and a screw gun, but many times roofers do not have these available and only use 16 penny nails for the longest length. Those would have missed the decking, which still cold have been shimmed up to allow for nailing, but were not.

It is not an immediate rejection IMO, but the tie should be closely inspected to ensure that the tiles are held firm and snug together as much as possible.

Where is the Mortar?