Would you call this out?

This is a eleven month warranty inspection. Exposed nails on about 20 different tile and if you look like at the second pic, the lower edges of the tile almost look like they are second hand.



I would tell them the tiles are not installed correctly and the tiles look like seconds from “Big Lots”…simple as that Gary…!

If it was my roof I would want the tiles installed correctly, even if the smashed edges are cosmetic, the entire tile portion is cosmetic in nature, which it lacks now, so rid me of those also…!!

Then I would have the client contact the ROC if the builder did not want to replace them for starters, then the BBB, then court…jackass scab builders don’t give a damn about anything if they are not living in the shack!!

Gary many times the installers will try to sneak the tiles up as high as they can to avoid cutting any or installing another one, thus saving them time or tiles which ever the case maybe.

But the nail holes are not supposed to be showing because they are simply not installed correctly.


There should not be any exposed fasteners. The tiles with exposed fasteners lack the required 3" minimum headlap.

Those tiles look terrible. A “corner chip” here and there is one thing, but there are numerous damaged tiles in your photo. The roofing tiles are installed in an unworkman like manner and should be further evaluated by a third party licensed roofing contractor that specializes in the installation of tile roofs. Not the builders roofer, they will make excuses for their poor workmanship. Your customers should hire an independant roofing contractor to evaluate their roof.


Here is a great resource for the tile roofs, hope it helps.


You may want to measure the tiles at the top of the roof and compare them to the tiles as they move down. Some contractors will try to “short” the tile installation, which gives them an extra row of tiles left over from the install. Do this on enough homes in a neighborhood and you can tile a whole roof for free.