Garage stairs / entry door

This is a fun one! How many things can you find wrong with this scenario? This is a garage stairwell going down to a wooden entry door which goes to the basement. This is the only way from the garage to the dwelling.

Have fun and put on your thinking caps!

Lack of handrails,landing and drain are the first things to jump out at me.

Irregular stairs certainly hurt also as a trip hazard.Hmmmm fumes like to sink do they not? (screen door only)?
Should not even bother with the power strip after all that so will not mention it.:slight_smile:

Dang John is this a old picture as those look like autumn leaves ? (see the date) lol

yep. i got those issues as well Bob. Also its a garage so the door needs to be fire rated. Anybody else have any keen observations?

No rail both sides to stop falling into pit .
Door looks short to me You could hit your head…

Door does not appear to be a rated door and from the look of it, It is only 5 1/2 high. I agree with what eveyone else says as well

There doesn’t appear to be a lintel over the door, I agree with Bob also the first things that jumped out were no railings and no drain.

Knob is almost in the wall, I assume it opens in ? Right, any stops on it whatsoever ?
It looks like it was swinging out, if thats the case, it sure as hell aint openin is it ?

I see these many times a week…
( a storm door that swings inward )
Plus railing conditions…

Just because the Builders do it…
Does not make it right…

How many would really call for a drain at the bottom of the stairs? Now normally basement exits that are below grade and exit to the “exterior” would require a drain. Does this really exit to the “exterior”? I am assuming the garage is fully enclosed and there is no threat of rainfall and water coming off a vehicle is minimal so would this truly require a drain?

No. :slight_smile:

The door (as pictured)
swings inward…
also there is glass…

along with all the other problems…

I had one last week with no drain at the bottom of the garage stairs.

I made sure the garage floor sloped toward the garage door and not toward the stair well.