Opinions please-

I am probably going to send this thread location to a builder for his own information so please refrain from “builder bashing” or any off the wall comments. I know 99.8 percent of us on here are professional but I want this thread to be 100 percent please.

Does anyone know of anyplace in this country where a local building code would allow any of the following:

Note: if you do not know of any place where the following is allowed and agree with me, please post a simple statement and refrain from long essays.

  1. Steps in garage with four risers, where the handrail did not extend all the way over the lower tread? The one in dispute had a handrail that lacked about 6-7 inches of coverage above the lower tread.

  2. Steps with four risers that do not need a handrail?
    Builder claims no handrail was even needed. Note: He may have thought it was three risers but it is in fact exactly four. He also commented that the code inspector said no handrail was needed there.

  3. Foundation tie straps that are designed and recommended by the manufacturer to wrap around both sides of the mud sill plate but installed with both flanges nailed to only one side. Note: The only 3 straps visible was not even fastened at all even on a crawlspace foundation. The builder states that the straps are connected behind the vinyl siding. I stated that even if I could see that, it is still incorrect. As I have been taught, the straps must lap around both sides and have 6 nails total.

Please read this post carefully and understand it before replying, thanks.

**R311.5.6.2 Continuity.

Handrails for stairways shall be continuous for
the full length of the flight, from a point directly
above the top riser of the flight to a point directly

above lowest riser of the flight.
Not sure about the foundation issue , and I am sure pics would help.Above is from 2006 ICC.

On the foundation straps; here is a link to an ICC evaluation service and how they should be installed on EMI 14” and 22” anchor straps. http://www.icc-es.org/reports/pdf_files/BNBC/21-86.01.pdf