Any guess

as to whats going on here.

001 (Small).JPG

Doorbell not working?

It is very hard to tell but it looks like the left side corner of the house has started to sink. Having a big garage entrance like this, it better be well sealed in the ceiling and walls to prevent car fumes into the bedrooms upstairs.

Needs gutter and the stairs suck.

No gutters
No downsputs
Garage opening seems low
Looks like water can get trapped at roof wall Centre Left
Dirt slopes to home.
No light at front door

Roy is the closest so far.

If it’s a crawl, no apparent ventilation at the front of the home.

No crawl, full basement.

I agree with Roy on the roof structure and door. I can’t comment on the Downspouts and gutters missing as I am not sure they are needed where you are. There is no graspable hand rail on the stairs. I see one critical area of the roof assembly has no ridge vent.

Drive way not as wide as Garage entrance Part is grass .
Looks like stairs are missing in Garage to home .

No where for water to drain over the front window on right side of roof.


001 (Small).JPG

No bedroom windows?

Is the front left catilevered with retaining wall block under it?

Range missing an anti-tip.

That is horrendous! You should enter that pic in the Defect contest!!

Roy had it first but Dave A nailed it. Water is running behind the siding.
Septic failed on this home too. System that was in place was smaller than what the state approved and never given a final inspection.
3 year old home.
My client terminated the inspection.

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025 (Small).JPG

I started to say septic failure! Dang!

come on guys…front left tire is slightly low…needs air.

I was thinking that was a flower bed but the picture was to grainy to tell for sure. It looked like fake veneer stone on the wall and since it was not even I assumed the house was sinking on the left side.