New inspection article: Inspecting Residential Attached Garages.

Many municipalities require the items listed, some do not. It varies widely. If I see any of these in a home I am inspecting, I most always write it up as a safety concern. I am not a code enforcement officer.

Aaron wrote an excellent article, however as Gary points out many municipalities do not enforce OR require many of these issues regardless of what their codes say.

Makes it hard for the inspector (especially the new guys that have not yet learned to either let the seller, REA or even code guys comments slamming them roll off their backs OR have not yet learned how to get in the complainers face and put it back on them to justify their position).

In the part about pull down stairs he states’The flame-spread rating of this plywood (150) does even begin to approach that of the required ½-inch gypsum board (10) for garage ceilings with attic spac" I think he wants “does not”

Was just looking for some of this info.