Garage - Yes or No

For discussion : inspected a ranch where the 1 car garage was converted to interior dining room - No permit of course. The ceiling was a drop ceiling and above that was some drywall on the ‘old’ garage rafters, but portion where it attached to the house side had no drywall on rafters and exposed insulation and rafters above the drop ceiling.
I wrote it up as I saw it but as for ‘Fire protection’ an attached garage shall have protection on the wall extending up to the roof or have wall and ceiling protected. How would you treat this dining room , as an interior room or a garage pertaining to fire barrier. And also, does an interior room need to have finished wall or ceiling covering and not exposed rafters to be considered ok ?

It’s no longer a garage. It’s an unpermitted conversion to living space. Is there a garage door?

No door , just a non permitted conversion to interior room. But assuming it was done with permits, would a drop ceiling suffice with exposed rafters above it, or is there something in the building code that requires interior rooms to have drywall or similar fire protection material on exposed roof rafters?

Can not understand why. Think about cathedral ceilings.

Fire proofing is required in case a car or vehicle (with gas in the tank) might be in the garage.

I would think a converted garage would no longer be a potential hazard just like a kitchen or living room.
Not an issue IMHO


Permitted finished basements that have a drop ceiling are proper and adequate for safety reasons. I don’t see this conversion (permitted or not) any differently. The space is no longer set up for garage use, so the same fire code no longer applies to the conversion.