Garbage Disposal GFCI ??

Should a garbage disposal receptacle be GFCI protected. It is a switched receptacle but it is also within 6 feet of the sink (though underneath). I have always worked on the assumption that it should be even though it is switched.


If the disposal is on a wet bar or laundry sink then it would require GFCI protection.

If the disposal is for the kitchen sink then it would not require GFCI protection.

Mike are you assuming cord and plug connected? (as the OP specified)
If so he is pointing out that 210.8(A)(6) <kitchen in a dwelling> only requires GFCI on the receptacles serving the countertop but (7) <laundry, utility and wet bar sinks> does not make the countertop distinction and just says where the receptacles are installed within 6 feet.
A hard wired disposal in a wet bar sink would not require GFCI

99 and 02 codes state: Wet Bar Sinks. Where the receptacles are installed to serve the countertop surfaces and are located within 6 ft. of the outside edge of the wet bar sink. I don’t have the other code books on hand.

2008 cycle
(7) Laundry, utility, and wet bar sinks — where the receptacles are installed within 1.8 m (6 ft) of the outside edge of the sink

You do make a point though of if it was in compliance when it was installed it is still in compliance today

I do and I will recommend upgrades to the current standards noting that the upgrades are not required. I also include a little blurb about the importance of GFCI protected outlets.