Garbage Disposer Switch Location

OK, I’ve seen the switch usually located at the farthest point within reach from the sink at the counter top level. Occasionally, I see the switch located on the side wall under the base cabinet. I have never seen the switch located on the front side of the base cabinet.

I suppose it would be helpful in a jamb to use your knee to turn it on… What do you think?

You might be a redneck if…

That’s why I kept the left door closed. This is what I found behind door number 2.

I find it a lot out here in the older neighborhoods that didn’t have disposers when the homes were built.

Yea older retrofit. Some times just inside the door. Not the best place for it if you have to fish out a spoon. In my old house I just put an air switch there.

I don’t have a problem if the switch is behind the door. There is little chance of an accidental start-up. Having it in front where it could get bumped by one body part when another body part is in a precarious place isn’t the safest situation.

On the other hand, I suppose one could use both hands to clear the dishes and one’s knee to turn it on. Just another DLR in my book.

Not pretty, but not a defect.

But a safety concern in my book

toddlers love switches…


“toddlers love switches…”
Jeff, my thoughts exactly. Kids could easily get to a switch like that. If it was inside the door at least one could put a child lock on the door. And Greg, in the left door, is that supposed to be a P-trap? Interesting…

You got to love flex drains.:roll:

"is that supposed to be a P-trap? Interesting… "

no its a ///// trap, its a new technology, been used as a shop vac hose for a long time now. I’m sure it meets all local codes.:mrgreen:

So what? Someone might have their hand in the disposal and a toddler comes along and turns it on, cutting Mommy’s hand off? Not likely. Spank Johnny a few times and he’ll learn to leave the switch alone. You don’t need to child-proof the home, you need to home-proof the child.

What if the switch was inside the lower cabinet and there was no child safety latch? Would you write that up?

I agree with you Joe.:slight_smile:

Never said it was a defect. It’ll be the ultimate annoyance for any parent whose small child discovers that the switch makes a neat noise.


I saw one on a three way switch the other day. At first I thought it didn’t work. Then I found the other switch

why? i guess you cant know, but is case you wanted to grind up food from in the kitchen or the other side of the kitchen?

Mike, the kitchen had newer cabinets, appliance and counter top so I think there was some rearranging done.

Maybe its just me but I get allot of splash over when I do the dishes… I would hate to think water could run down over that…I personally would point it out…but then again I like to play in water.