Gary Johnson of the NACHI Foundation attends charity event.

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Gary Johnson and I pitched in $ and donated $500 to “The Clinic” last night. We made the donation on behalf of the NACHI Foundation. Gary drove all the way from Maryland to help me with the fundraising dinner which was held at the Kimberton Inn in Kimberton, PA.

The Clinic is a non-profit medical center (registerd charity) which treats people who do not have health insurance on a pay-what-you-can-afford basis. It is only a year old but has already seen over 5400 patients. I sit on the board of directors of The Clinic, Phoenixville, PA.

In attendance and/or supporting the fundraiser were representatives from national relocation companies, RE/MAX, HouseMaster (our President's own Rebecca Beardsley), HICAG, Wells Fargo Bank, The UPS Store, several law firms, National Property Inspections, Century 21 Realty, etc.

Thank you all. Special thanks to Gary for being so generous and driving so far.

Information about The Clinic:
Information about the NACHI Foundation:


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I sent you another $1,500 personal donation for the NACHI Foundation. Keep up the good work.


PS. Congratulations on getting married!