Gas fired water heater spray painted

Any potential problems with spray painting top of water heater?
aged 2014

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You have to wonder why…does that look like some corrosion under the paint ?

Possibly to hide a defect? Rust, Backdrafting? Who would paint the top of a hot water heater? Lousy paint job.

No, the tank looked normal for it’s age

My concern would be if the tank ever got hot enough to melt the paint or put off some crap in the air, i don’t know if they used a high heat spray paint.

I’ll just notate and move along.

Thanks fellas

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pisspoor paint is prolly a nonissue & just masking the improper combustion-venting of flue gases evidenced by the white powder below the vent hood
was the combustion chamber clean & flame blue

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All looked normal barry

They are hiding something could be rust or evidence of flame rollout or something as simple as discovering the plumber wrote dirty words on the top that they wanted to cover…All tanks matter.

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WH tanks are internally insulated. Have you ever felt the outside of a tank being hot?