Painted water heater

Someone painted the electric water heater at a ceiling unit to blend in and I was wondering if this should be considered OK or an issue ?



Usual but* I see nothing wrong with painting it… Roy*

I don’t see a problem with painting the skin of a water heater. Black is a new appliance color these days. :slight_smile:
Are you going to tell me it voids the warranty? :mrgreen:

Paint it like a rocket and put a cone on top! Now that would bring some attention. LOL

Never see it done but was stressing to think of a reason though may call out the painted B vent on the gas furnace …hmmm ?
Please do not say it is OK.:slight_smile:

Depends on the paint used

That is what I was thinking as well.

Yeah was waiting for that one.
Actually flue I was referring to was from earlier that day and was a guy going crazy with a paint sprayer over a whole basement (1908) and conventional gas furnace flue.
Doubt it was high temp rated…more like semi gloss.

Worst part about water heater was lack of identification tag (may have been painted over).

We did not see all of that in the pictures you submitted.
I guess you answered your own question posed here. Huh!:slight_smile:

I was posting about the water heater (same day ,second report) and wanted to make sure there was not some sign from above I was missing anything.
Flue was obvious though.

For some reason the electric water heater flue was missing…:slight_smile:

Now thinking back have I read about water heater tanks (gas ) needing clearance from combustibles ? hmmmm.

The way I see it, its no different than putting an insulated blanket over it:

· **Investigate: **The water heater is encased with an insulation blanket. This was a recommended practice before water heaters were self-insulating. Although, this may seem like a good thing, it actually prevents one from reading the many warning labels on the unit. Further, it obstructs my view of the unit and does not allow me to make assessment of the condition. Water heaters typically last 8-12 years. We recommend you inquire with the seller as to the age of the unit and make appropriate plans to replace the unit if it is nearing the end of its service life.

No worries if it is a gas fired Unit then ?
What if the paint is flammable ? after all water heaters are required to have clearance from combustibles correct ?

Don’t forget to install the 3/4" plug in the TPR valve to make it a real rocket;)

Most of them depending on models only requires 1 in. for sides and rear clearances.

But how would you know which model or year the WH is if its painted?

True but the one inch clearance (thanks thought it was one) is certainly violated by flammable paint on the casing is it not ?

Are the insulation blankets flammable ?

Also I read somewhere about not using them.Any truth on that ?

Aren’t all WH heaters painted?

I don’t think that insulation blankets are any more flammable than the paint on WH.

I read about insulation blanket voiding the warranty also but I don’t have the information on hand; I emailed Giant with that question and will let you know their answer if they reply.

With flammable paint ?
Just asking.

Need to look into this more but seems if paint over spray on a conductor is bad this is “really bad”

Have not looked into this yet really ,but wanted to see where everyone stands on it first.

Below is what Giant, a WH manufacturer is saying about insulating blankets:

The manufacturer’s warranty does not cover any damage or
defect caused by installation, attachment, or use of any type of
energy saving or other unapproved devices (other than those
authorized by the manufacturer) into, onto or in conjunction with
the water heater. The manufacturer will not accept any liability
for loss or injury resulting from the use of such unauthorized
devices. The use of unauthorized energy saving devices may
shorten the life of the water heater and may result in property
damage, personal injury, or death.
Thank you,
Département du Service à la clientèle
Customer Service Department
Giant inc
11021 Rue Notre Dame Est, Montreal, QC, H1B 2V5
TEL: 514-645-8893 1-800-363-9354 Fax :514-645-8413

Hope this helps,