Gas fireplace burner coating flaking

Take a look at this gas fireplace burner coating peeling and flaking off (zoom in). What say you? The installation manual says nothing about it. The fireplace is 1-2 years old.

Not sure Simon. I’ve seen them peel and eventually rust out over many years of use. Are you asking about this area (arrow). Could the continual heat from the pilot (circle) affect that area along with the high heat start from that end?

Good question to explore more into…

Thomas, the entire area along the burner’s ports had the coating peeling, it’s not just next to the standing pilot.

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I couldn’t zoom in close enough without it pixelating to a blur. So I couldn’t see any of the other areas thus being of no help from here in Jawja.

Cheap Chinese components.

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That’s called “gas fireplace burner coating peeling and flaking off” syndrome.


What? :laughing:

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Are you making that up like that s-trap 1.5x pipe diameter thing today :laughing:

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