gas fireplace wiring

Is it acceptable to run the blower wire (and for that matter the gas line) through the chimney flue to the gas fireplace?

The installation was done by a hack. The wire needs to be done with BX cable or a protective raceway.

The gas line is crimped and should of been done in steel for protection.

Recommend a qualified professional to properly install the electrical and gas connections.

Is the ash door located in the garage? If so there are other issues as well.

The door has been poorly cut and is suspect to vermin entry.

I just had an install for my fireplace and it was done properly with BX cable and black steel. They went through the masonry directly under the door. I will take a pic and post a little later once I bathe in coffee. See pics.

fireplace gas install 003 (Small).JPG

fireplace gas install 001 (Small).JPG

fireplace gas install 002 (Small).JPG

Thanks David, those were my feelings, nice to have them confirmed. I don’t know if you can tell in the picture but when they pulled the wire they stripped off the protective plastic coating on the hot and neutral (and left them exposed and bare). Then they installed a plug on the end of the wire and plugged it into a wall outlet.

Yes you can see the stripped wires. Definitely done by a hack. Was curious the location of the clean out door? Basement, garage or exterior wall?

It was located in a basement

No…should not be in there period.

Use a protective cable for this. Make a proper air free hole for the fire passage through the door.