gas log insert

What are the requirments for a gas log insert.

The fireplace was masonry with a damper. There was no glass doors.

The manufactures instructions stated that it needs to be vented to the exterior. If the damper is open it is vented.

The owner has not been using the fireplace. I told her to have a fireplace specialist examine before she sells her home

Thanks for any information.

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A damper-stopper or spacer must be installed to prevent the damper from being closed.

Some dampers may also have a knockout.

Dampers are always removed on gas log fireplaces in my area.

A damper clip should be installed that keeps it open 24/7 in case of a gas leak.

Just because there are gas logs in the fireplace doesn’t mean that the new buyer will retain them. Inspect it as a normal masonary fireplace.

Regarding the logs themselves, I usually say, “According to today’s standards, manufactured fireplace clearances are determined by the manufacturer. The buyer should consult the manufacturer’s manual or otherwise contact the manufacture to determine if the clearances are adequate. Gas cutoffs are acceptable inside a gas fireplace firebox, if the manufacturer approves it. Consult the manufacturer’s operator’s manual prior to operation of gas logs.”

I often add, “Consistent with our inspection agreement, the gas logs were not tested. You should have the homeowner/builder demonstrate the operation of the gas logs and transfer any operating manuals to you.”

On what basis did you refer the fireplace to a specialist?