Gas furnace built into wall

I’m looking to buy a first home, but this furnace situation has me unsure. I don’t want to start the offer̟ process n loose money just to have it fall apart. I know the picture isn’t great, but the space is really tight. And I can only add one picture. Gas furnace, no idea the year. House is 1962. But it’s built into the hallway, and blocked into a closet by the water heater. Any advice or thoughts are appreciated. Thanks in advance.

that looks like a manufactured home furnace…


Interesting. It’s definitely a traditional house, but it is small. Just over 1000 sq ft. I know you can’t see much with the water heater there too. No immediate red flags though?

There’s not really a way to answer about red flags as there’s no real way to assess the unit. Not really because of your pictures, and instead because aside from the service panel it’s completely blocked in.

You’ll definitely want to know the year, as well as any ongoing and/or repair maintenance that’s been done on it (which is likely little given lack of accessibility). Based on the pictures, any sort of service on it likely requires the water heater being removed (and possibly partial demolition of the enclosure it sits in).

Beyond that (and please know that there are a lot of unknowns in regard to being able to give a better answer)… among other things, the connections on the water heater would give me concern and I’d be really curious what was behind the white panel to the bottom right of the water heater.


that type of unit would be serviced from the panel in the hallway, if I am not mistaken. The font cover when removed will show all all of the interior components


No way to supply any meaningful advice from just a few photos, you will need an onsite inspection by local, qualified inspector. Too many variables and unseen details.


Really can’t see much on the furnace, how about the water heater, I can see issues there starting with the cold water looks like a washer machine hose,

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Yes sir, Jim. That is how I see it, too.

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I agree about the panel in regard to general service, but being buried like that makes anything beyond that potentially questionable. Too many unknown things there. For instance, looks like above the panel is the potential for a taller access area.

Second Picture the panel should be removed to observe the furnace. The door in the back of the picture, is that a bath? No access there?

Measure the openings to see if there is enough combustion air for furnace and water heater.

First picture opening at top of ceiling, where does it go? Possible fire safety issue.

Agree black line appears to be for a washing machine. Check connections to water heater.

Why is there 3M tape on the exhaust for water heater?

What is behind white panel next to water heater? Is there a jetted tub in a bath?

Looks like there is a bar to hang clothes, I would not store clothing adjacent to a gas water heater.

No pan for the water heater.

Carpet in closet I would not put carpet in there.


Welcome to our forum Kaitlyn!

Yeah, the bath is to the left. The washer/dryer are in the kitchen through that back wall. They did cosmetic upgrades to the house, didn’t run the laminate in the closet, most likely because they didn’t want to lift the water heater. That carpet was just thrown on top to hid the floor. I have no idea what that white panel hides. Maybe access to the pipes? There’s no second floor. Don’t recall there being an attic, heat registers in the ceiling.

And thanks. I’m glad to have found you guys. First time home buyer and I’m nervous. Definitely in need of knowledgeable insight.

Why don’t you hire a home inspector to look at the property before you purchase it?


I’m definitely going to. The market is just really crazy in WA. I wanted to see if you guys thought this house was an immediate no, or worth moving forward on.

Kaitlyn, we don’t have near enough information to make a decision for you like that, hence get it inspected by a qualified inspector to help you make a decision.


I get that. I wasn’t expecting a definite. I was only looking for insight. Everything Tony said was amazing and gave me a better idea. Thanks to everyone that took time to help me, I really appreciate it.