Gas furnace connection

The flexible connector used to supply this gas furnace is much in excess of 6 feet in length, and the gas shut-off valve is about six feet away. Is this excessive? I thought 3 feet was the max?

8933 037 web.jpg

8933 035 web.jpg

Maximum 3’ except for range or dryer. You also have the problem of the flex passing through the appliance housing.](

CSST can be used instead of black pipe. It’s getting popular, so you may see it more often on newer homes. It’s cheaper and easier to install, so long as it is properly supported. It can, in some jurisdictions, go throught the cabinet if it is protected with a proper bushing.

Thanks Steven I thought 3’ was the max and also thought it needed to be hard piped through the cabinet. Thanks for the website Jae, this is indeed CSST, but there is no bushing where it goes through the cabinet though. I guess there is no length restriction on CSST? Is there a maximum distance away the gas shut-off valve is allowed? Again 3’ comes to mind.

The bushing should be installed to protect the piping. Distance from gas valve would be up to your local AHJ – generally that would be the gas supplier.