CSST gas hook ups

What should I write up about CSST installations and what exactly should I be looking for? I know that yellow and black jacketed tubing has very thin walls and if stuck by lightning it could develop pinholes and gas leaks. Therefore it should be bonded. In this particular installation of a tankless water heater the CSST is very long, shouldn’t it be 3 feet or less? Any clarification on this topic would be appreciated.

Sean you are confusing CSST piping and appliance connectors. Black gas pipe is schedule 40 steel pipe. There’s nothing wrong with connecting CSST piping to black steel piping without the use of an appliance connector. This has been acceptable in many regions of the country in the past. It may be acceptable in some parts of the country today. If you have any questions contact a local contractor.


This may help with this product;


Good reference Thomas thank you for posting. As you can see from the Gastite installation manual, you can connect directly to a steel pipe protruding from a fixed appliance. Movable appliances will require a flexible gas connector.

The Drip Leg Kid is going to be pissed! Gastite calls it a drip leg sediment trap!


Thanks for the diagrams. So it seems there are no length restrictions with the CSST but with flexible appliance connections ( say to a gas stove) they shouldn’t be more than 3 feet right?

The answer to your question are here. However I will still contact a local contractor if you have any questions. I don’t know where you live so I don’t know if you follow the international codes?

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The bend radius on that CSST installation appears too tight.

Thanks I thought so too. Would you write it up?

It’s hard to tell from the pic exactly, but if it was a very tight 90, yes I would. The tubing can start leaking prematurely. Let the buyer decide what to do. There is a reason it has to be a long sweep 90.

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The black version has a thicker stainless steel wall and usually, is not required to be bonded to a ground source. I have a piece of yellow CSST with a burn through hole from a lightning strike that was 200’ away.