Gas furnace


I inspected a house that had the gas furnace and gas water heater in a room with the door opening into the garage. The Water heater is a newer model GE Smart sensor that that has the appropriate safety shut offs. Is there a problem with the furnace the burners are over 18 inches above the floor?

Dennis Palmer

What type furnace and where is the makeup air coming from?
There should be zero openings to the garage .

This not because of the water heater but because you can’t risk air from the garage being circulated into the living space and also no open duct work from furnace into garage unless it has a damper.

Hi Bob,

The combustion air is coming from the exterior, the room has a door on it. There is no duct work in the garage.

In Okla 75% of all newer homes have the furnace and the WH together in a garage closet with the two high/low combustion air ducts being taken from the attic area nothing wrong with this set up unless there is a return air opening on the furnace or the return air plenum. ya did not update your profile don’t know where ya park your car

Sealed door?