Just leave it here


What is that/
Looks like an old electric heater of some kind.

3-18-09-5469-s-everett276 (90) (Small).jpg

This is the proper way to leave it.:mrgreen:

3-18-09-5469-s-everett276 (90) (Small).jpg

3-18-09-5469-s-everett276 (90) (Small).jpg


It looks like a old gas or oil furnace

Possibly, there was no gas at the house today and there was a 25 year old electric package unit on the roof as the upgrade. :smiley:

I did not get too close as I was dodging K&T wiring.

They must have had LP to that thing. It’s an old gas unit.

I’ve seen a few large dinosauers like that one in attics, but have seen more in dark, damp crawl spaces.
Most of the time the old units couldn’t be removed because of the access opening being to small.
I can remember installing systems in attic spaces where the builder removed a ceiling joist or two, let us install the furnace,evap.coil, plenums,vents,drain pan,piping,etc. and then reinstalled the joists. We then had to race the insulators and drywall guys installing and insulating the ductwork. The builder would then cut in about a 18"x18" opening in some closet ceiling half way down the hallway for the poor service tech to make final connections and start up.
Thank goodness things have changed.