Gas Hot Water Heater in a sealed closet

I ran into a manufactured home where the gas hot water heater is installed sealed in the wall and the only way to light the pilot light is to remove a sheet rock panel from inside the closet. It is not a door to get to it. It is sheet rock with sheet rock screws. The closet is in a bedroom. I have seen these installed with an outside door to access the hot water heater but never seen a gas water heater in a sealed closure. The whole wall in the bedroom will have to be torn down to replace the unit. Then re framed Sheetrock texture and paint. What is HUD thinking?

Pretty common , big question was there a air supply to it?

Out of curiosity what does HUD have to do with it?

FYI this is HUD’s requirement:

*Water-heating equipment must be installed safely and must not present any safety hazards to
families. All water heaters must be free of leaks, have temperature/pressure relief valves, and a
discharge line. Unless safety dividers or shields are installed water heaters must not be located in
bedrooms or living areas where safety hazards may exist. Fuel burning equipment must have
proper clearance from combustible materials and be properly vented. *

Can you post a photo of this gas HOT water heater? words matter.

Manufactured home water heaters obtain make up air through a bottom feed vent through the floor. The label on the water heater states whether the water heater is certified for manufactured home use. If the cert is missing from the label, a carbon monoxide poisoning risk exists to the occupants.