Gas leak detectors

I am using a TIF 8800 to check for gas leaks and sewer gas in sink drains. I have been finding a lot of leaks and my last 2 inspections I have detected sewer gas in some of the sinks. Does anyone know if these things have a tendency to give false positives? I have tried to confirm the gas leaks with some gas-leak detecting soapy stuff and the sink drains didn’t seem to have sewer gas once I ran water to make sure the trap was full. These are only mock inspections… I am just starting out. But I don’t want to alarm customers in the future if there is a chance I am getting false positives. It just seems like a pretty high percentage of gas leaks and potentially blocked plumbing vents, etc.

I would appreciate any input. Thanks.

Stop using it all the time.
It is used to narrow where your nose senses a problem.
That’s it.

It smells adhesives on pipes and other chemicals to , so stop using it for bells and whistles.:slight_smile:

I never EVER use it on sewer gas. Never heard of a home inspector doing that. Inspect for a P-trap instead.

That’s what I was starting to suspect. Thanks.

I saw something on Inspectapedia where someone was using the combustible gas detector in sink drains to find issues with trap siphoning. It worked at my brother-in-law’s house. It detected gas in a couple different drains, and he later told me that he has smelled sewer gas in the basement washtub. Turns out his plumbing vent was iced up.

Never heard of that ,but you could alway s call the manufacturer and see what they say.

You basically want to know if this thing can detect Methane.

Sewer gases? Please do yourself a favor and stay away from this type of testing. It’s useless.

I break out my TIFF 2 to 3 times a year, and when I do break it out, it is simply utilized to pinpoint the gas leak that I’m smelling.

There have got to be more significant issues in a typical home than hovering a TIFF over a waste line.

Yes, it does detect methane. But from reading what others are saying, it sounds like it detects other things as well. Sounds like I either need to leave it in the bag… or at least use it more to pinpoint a leak that I smell, like others are suggesting. Hey… this is what practice inspections are for, right? Live and learn.


Do not feel bad.
I think most of us over use the Tiff when we first get it.

I found a propane leak (small) on my very first inspection,that I did not smell.

Yeah… I’m not too worried about it. That’s what practice is for, so I can work through all these things. My head is filled with all the training videos and other info… now it’s time to go out there and start making mistakes and learning and getting familiar with everything so I can get better and start working for real. Thanks for your help everyone.

When yo do a report, you can always put it here.