Do you check for gas leaks?

Do you check for gas leaks? I’m sure we all do to some extent. Wondering about what “tools” you use to do so.

My nose but carry a Tif if needed.

Looks like matches is the economical and common way to go. Anyone want to buy a Tiff 8850?

LOL, I have one but it looks like they’re becoming redundant :wink:

Seriously though, I also have a Tiff, but generally only use it to confirm what my nose is telling me.



I’m with Gerry,

The nose knows but the my Tiff is nice to convince clients that are odor challenged.

Very impressive with all that screaming.

I concur.

I haven’t used my TIFF for months. It’s collecting dust in my tool bag.

Same here, there is so little natural gas here in my area of Florida that I have mine on loan to a fellow inspector who does see some gas furnaces and stoves.




Use the 'ol Mark I nose, but back it up with a TIFF.

I, regularly, turn it on and habd it to the client’s kid. Scares the heck out of them when it starts screaming.

But, it impresses them that I have the tool and use it to check for gas.

Don’t forget the “dog and pony show” aspects of the inspection. Just to drive home the point that we are professionals and use tools to back up our findings.

I always say, “OK. Argue with the tool.”

I use my nose to locate and my Tiff to pinpoint. My Tiff is also the much more photogenic of the two, when I include a photo of the leak location in the report.

Interesting commentary in this thread. I would like to make a suggestion. This is aimed at how the public perceives us. Will, I am not “picking” on you but you used the phrase “Argue with the TOOL.” Well understood, we are using the equipment to support our observation, and yes, it is a tool of our profession. However, as long as we are PROFESSIONALS, and have no doubt about it, the States that have licensing, as well as those who are engaged in the Practice of Law, DO INDEED consider us PROFESSIONALS, I suggest we use the more “professional sounding” term, “Argue with the TEST EQUIPMENT”. A “tool”, even if it is the identical piece of equipment, is something used by a trades-person. (PLEASE, don’t get me wrong, I am not looking down on the trades, I was a member of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters & Joiners.) I am just saying that over time, if we all use terminology “a step up”, terminology that is indicative of a PROFESSIONAL SERVICE, it will help the public see us as PROFESSIONALS. In the long term this will benefit us. Being accepted as PROFESSIONALS in their eyes will make them more comfortable paying us at a PROFESSIONAL Level.

All good points and ai stand corrected.


Yes - Tiff. But my nose usually.

I am a tool and use test equipment.

Seriously ,if you smell something ,you pull out your Tiff to pinpoint the problem.
I used it to pinpoint some very serious issues three times last year and may have saved lives in the process.

Friday, my electronic gas detector was non-functional (i.e, piece of crap Tif), so I used my nose and confirmed the leak with a spray bottle. 1st time I used a spray bottle. It worked great…lots of bubbles produced. A lot cheaper than a Tif (piece of crap).

ditto - nose first, electronic to confirm.

Believe or not in the old days we used a match to check connections , then soap.
Now a tiff , i also will use the amp probe ultra sonic leak detector Great multi tester
you can use it to even find leaks in fridge gaskets car windows, Loose contacts. Transmitter in the attic can even track a roof leak if you got lots of time. This device will find a leak less than 6 OZ a year. Takes some time to get use to it . Leaks around windows no problem. (For information on this Please contact Wayne Wilson president of the amp probe division )in Powell TN Just kidding i started to sound like a salesman

Btw I would not recommend the match thing Tends to scare peopel Lol

Well, it’s almost 2 weeks now and I still don’t have my detector tip for my Tif I ordered. I’ve found 2 leaks recently using my nose and confirmed with a spray bottle of soapy water. Works well.

I use a tiff or Ultrasonic tester in enclosed areas , Nose will not cut around after a hose was leveled with a suspected gas leak
This works on many things other than gas. i have had mine for 18 years

I use my nose and then pull out the TIFF.