Water heater hookup...need advice.

The Gas line ran from the wall to the TPR valve the back to the
water heater…Looks illegal from my training. Need feedback.





It’s a Watts 210 gas shutoff valve. This is a proper installation.

Watts 210 Automatic gas shut off valve.

Was there a TPR valve at the top of the heater as well?


Thanks Jeff…

I’ve never seen one of those.

Goes under the heading “unusual” in my files.

Make sure there is still a properly installed TPR designed to 210 F/150 PSI and downspout six inches from the floor OR DRAIN This is primary protection and not to be mistaken with this set up of a WATTS 210 gas shut off.
Changed to prevent confusion.

Please show us where that is a requirement

I will let a plumber chime in and explain. If no one does and you can’t figure it out look at the instructions for installation.

A TPR valve is not required however a pressure relief valve is. It is usually located near an exterior hose bid. The watts 210 shuts down the gas in an over temperature situation and the pressure relief valve opens in an over pressure situation. They work together and must both be installed

The watts 210 and pressure relief valve replace the TPR set up

So who is right? Kevin, did you f u c k up again?

We call it a TPR in Canada. Temperature/Pressure Relief Valve.

TPR valves have a temperature probe that must extend into the water heater tank, they work on temperature and pressure thus the name. Pressure relief valves work on pressure only.

TPR valves and pressure relief valves are two completely different things.

In my area Watts 210 valves and pressure relief valves are found on interior water heaters where a traditional TPR and drain line will not work (drain to the exterior)

Correct - a TPR valve is a combination temperature & pressure relief valve - which is not required when using a Watts 210 gas shutoff valve.

A standard pressure relief valve is required to be used in conjunction with the Watts 210 gas shutoff valve.

Intallation specifcally requires a pressure relief valve


Correct! If it cannot be installed into the tank then a Pressure Release valve must be used on Watts 210 and that is what I was trying to get across. I hope that you can understand I only want to make sure they look for another means of relieving pressure they look the same TPR and PR the only difference is what is written on the tag, some will think that this design does both jobs by shutting off the gas.
Series 3L Pressure Relief Valves are used in residential applications to protect against excessive pressure on domestic storage tanks, tankless water heaters, and solar heating applications. It consists of a bronze body construction with NPT threaded male inlet and NPT threaded female (drain) outlet connections, stainless steel spring, and test lever. Model 3L-Z9 has a stainless steel lever and pin for outside solar applications. ANSI Z21.22 approved, ASME rate, and design certified and listed by CSA. Can be used with Watts Series 210 gas shutoff valve. Pressure Range: 75 to 150psi (5.27 to 10.34 bar), Standard Pressure Settings: 75, 100, 125, and 150psi (5.17, 6.90, 8.61, and 10.34 bar).

Here is a pic of what to look for.
Notice it does not have temperature probe the watts 210 has the temperature probe.

A Pressure relief valve OR an expansion tank on municipal systems.

Kevin is wrong. Sorry but it is true.

However, particular jurisdictions may have alternate requirements.

Are you sure? But he’s a CMI!!!