Gas line device at meter

Anyone know what this thing is?

Kass (30).jpg

is it before or after the meter?

Maybe some sort of EFV (Excess Flow Valve):? ? Wish I could tell you for sure.

Looks to me like a **WHT (What The Hey???):slight_smile: :slight_smile: **

It’s late and I gotta go to bed…Yaawwwnnnn…g’nite.

That is a seismic shutoff valve. Very common in CA.

The steel ball-bearing falls off it’s “pedestal” and plugs the gas flow. . .

The one in your picture has been painted over and is missing its required bracket. It should be placed after the meter. These are preset to close the valve at seismic activity of 5.0 or greater. Many insurance companies are beginning to require these on the West Coast.



I figured it was some sort of seismic shut-off, but most of the ones I see around here have an obious means of reseting them (with instructions etc)----didn’t see anything like that with this one. How are these reset?

The screws that have been painted over, have reset instructions on them. . .

Where is that “see-through” paint when we need it…Thanks for the info Jeff----I will inform my buyer.

Here’s a closer shot of the controls for these valves. This blue one (Northridge 2000) has been recalled. . .