Gas Line Inspections?

I have been trying to decide if I should add different ancillary inspection services: Water Quality, Well, Spetic( I have done some research on these). But Gas Line Warranty’s/Inspection I’m running into a brick wall. Started this business less than a year ago. But in my area, I have been told by multiple realtors that they don’t refer business to anyone who doesn’t offer the full list of services. Have lost business cause I don’t offer some of these. Any feed back would be greatly appreciated.

Michael Brady

Utica, Ohio 43080

As demand exceeds my capacity, I find that I am less and less inclined to offer ancillary services, unless they produce a demonstrably greater revenue than just performing the primary services of inspecting a home. I stick more and more to my core competencies. I will, however coordinate other services (e.g., well testing, termite, hydrostatic testing etc.) for the client, which addresses the agent’s desire not to have to hunt all of these folks down and schedule them themselves. I do not take a fee from the client or the provider for setting these up.

It’s a matter of ferreting out the true cause of the agent’s objection to using you if you don’t perform these services. Odds are, they really don’t care if you do them, they just don’t want to have to coordinate them themselves and they want them to be as reliable as you.