Gas line through a fence

I’ve looked through the code check and Google and can’t find where it addresses running a gas line through a chain link fence. Intuition tells me this is just wrong based on the fact the fence is not a permanent structure. I don’t know why they didn’t run it through the front crawlspace vent if they were going that route. My question is; how do I call this on the report? Thanks for any info you can offer.

IMO, it needs to be secured (and protected) to the masonry wall.
I doubt anybody at ICC or other entity ever conceived of anyone being stoopid enough to run soft copper through a chain-link fence!

I care more about function than code.
Add to the list of potential hazards: someone crashes a car or tractor into the fence, and it rips out both gas lines, starting with the soft copper.
This setup is a WTF.