Gas pack HVAC Unit

I cant seem to find much info on inspecting gas pack type units, do inspectors take a look inside of these units?

What information are you looking for? The interior of the unit varies in configuration but basically has the same components as a split system all mashed into one “package”.


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What they can see from the outside.

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Thank you!

Very nice photo thank you! whether or not you open things up to take a look inside

Typically that’s a no for me. They are usually buttoned up pretty tight. Some units do have easy access and I will open those.


You should be able to access the filter area but usually with a lot more fasteners than with an indoor furnace. Otherwise, I don’t usually get too far into them. Check for operation and hopefully be able to listen to it run in heat and cool but that can be tough unless you have a helper or easy roof access. ID tags are often faded and illegible.


Just turn the thing on…
Does it respond to operating controls?

Read the SOP about not having to remove panels, analyze, or determine capacity…


Thank you all.

If you haven’t read this in a while, I would refresh your memory.

3.4. Heating

I. The inspector shall inspect:

A. the heating system, using normal operating controls.


I don’t inspect under InterNachi SOP, what makes you think the OP does?

Curious what SOPs out there don’t require us to ID and test a heat system?


None that I’m aware of. But quoting Nachi minimum standards is worthless if it doesn’t meet a state’s minimum standards.


InterNachi’s minimum standards ARE that the State’s minimum standards are met.
There is nothing in either standards that say one cannot surpass the minimum standards, (although there may always be an exception, given politics and such)!

Then we’re in agreement.

Normally I use Tn Standards as they are more in line with other states who were first to require a standard, but guys like you bitch about that. So when in NACHIVILLE…

BTW, was I talking to you?

In comparison;

(7) Heating Systems.
(a) The home inspector shall inspect permanently installed heating systems including:

  1. Heating equipment;
  2. Normal operating controls;
  3. Automatic safety controls;
  4. Chimneys, flues, and vents, where readily visible;
  5. Solid fuel heating devices;
  6. Heat distribution systems including fans, pumps, ducts and piping, insulation, air
    filters, registers, radiators, fan coil units, convectors; and
  7. The presence of an installed heat source in each room.
    (b) The home inspector shall describe:
  8. The energy source for the system; and
  9. The heating equipment and distribution type.
    (c) The home inspector shall operate the systems using normal operating controls.
    (d) The home inspector shall open readily openable access panels provided by the
    manufacturer or installer for routine homeowner maintenance

As you can see, bouth require the inspector shall inspect the heating system using normal operating controls

Want to share with us what Indiana has to say?

licensee shall…perform services and express opinions based on genuine conviction…within their areas of education, training, or experience;

But it’s all irrelevant to the OP’s question. I’m trying to illustrate your contention for InterNachi, the home inspection industry and “screwdriver and flashlight” inspectors. You’ve just reinforced that.