Gas Pack Unit

What is the correct procedure for inspection of a self contained HVAC unit ( Gas Pack). A Site or any info would be helpfull,

Thanks Russ

Same basic procedures as inspecting split system equipment, except all the components are in one cabinet. The site has some info.

Did it look like this one. The pic is not a gas pac;-);-):smiley:

7076 Regatta Acres PC 7-7-11 051.jpg

The most common problem with these type of units being they set outside with a heat source inside which is a open door to mice that chew wires and make nest where it creates problems. I always open them up and check the wiring

I think he is talking about a central heating & cooling system with the ductwork running to a single unit on the outside of the house that includes the air handler, furnace, evaporator, and condenser all in one unit. More common for commercial rooftops, but occasionally you will see one installed for a house.

I call them Packaged (Heat/Cool) Units, but some people refer to them as a Gas Pack if it includes a furnace.

Packaged Heat & Cool System - Gas Pack.jpg

Packaged Heat & Cool System - Gas Pack Goodman.jpg

Packaged Heat & Cool System - Gas Pack Burner Compartment.jpg

Yes, Thats what what I’m talking about. I have’nt run across one of these (so far). Is it easier to get a good look at the Heat Exchanger. It seems being in weather the life would be shorter than a Gas furnace and coil installed indoors,
Thanks for the replies,

Robert I was being a wise Butt splitting hairs my pic was a package unit but it had electric heat thus its not a gas pac???:D:D

Yes they are easier to work on and inspect but one has to take the top off to see the heat exchanger and I don’t think you want to do that because of the attached wiring to the condenser fan motor

That looked like a heat pump to me … does look a little big for that now that I look at you pic a little closer … :wink: