Gas Pipe Corrosion

I’m looking for comments if I wrote this up correctly.

I was inspecting a finished basement with a drywall ceiling that had a an access panels (4"x6") to a water shut off value. With the small access hole and space between the ceiling and floor joist I was not able to get a visual sight of anything above the ceiling area. I’ve came across this before and rely on sticking my hand with the camera up into the ceiling area and generally snapping off 360 degrees of pics to see what I can find.

This time I found a plumbing leak that had water damaged to the subfloor, joist and gas pipe running under the leak. I could not get to area to probe or get a moisture measurement. I had to zoom the camera blindly to get a clean pic of the area. Some how the home owner placed a shield over the gas pipe to deflect the leak. I checked the drywall ceiling below this area and did not pick up any moisture and there was no sighs of drywall repair. But with a limited view of the condition of the wood under the stained joists that support the drywall ceiling I did not see any water stain. I’m assuming this ceiling in this are has been replaced. The leak did not appear to be active and the home owner disclosure did not reference any plumbing repairs. This is a 20 year old home and the plumbing looks like it has been replace too.

My main concern is that the gas pipe being under pressure I’m not able to tell the severity of the pipe corrosion by galvanic reaction with the hanger. I wrote this up as a safety concern with the potential of being a costly repair because the ceiling would need to be significantly cut open and removed to get access. I also made a point in the report I could not verify if the leak was still active or could not predict the life of the pipe and recommended a licensed plumber evaluate before the closing and repair as required.

I don’t see galvanic corrosion, just a little surface rust. If that hanger hasn’t rusted through, I don’t think the iron pipe has.

When it looks like this, you need to worry.

Hi John
After really looking at the picture ,I am guessing the Whitish area that appears to have been ground zero is what concerns you.

I bet it is just calcium deposits from the water.
Black pipe rusts faster but like Chuck said ,it is probably fine.

My bigger concern would be if it was still leaking, so I hope you checked out the upstairs plumbing.

Black iron gas pipes always rust. They are fine.

I think you wrote the findings and recommendation perfectly. Don’t assume anything is OK

Although the wrong type of hanger was used for this schedule 40 pipe, I would doubt that the copper coated hanger would pose a problem.