Gas Water Heater Exhaust Vent

What’s wrong with this picture?

Lack of heat traps on water heater and lack of dieletic fittings? Lol

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The needle valve? :upside_down_face:


Spray foam around vent. :upside_down_face:

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I’m not going to write your report for you. But I would like to see a positive slope.
And that vent doesn’t appear to be that in your images.

Welcome to the forum, Richard, Enjoy. :grinning:

On a side note, what does that self tapping saddle valve connect to? And placed beneath an expansion tank?

Most likely the water supply to the fridge



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I’ll blame HVAC running humidifier

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Does pic 3 anything hanging off the non metallic (romex) wiring?
I corrected it Scott

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Thanks Scott. Makes sense! But Martin is that ok placement? Never have seen it placed there and below an expansion tank and just want to make sure if I ever come across it.

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It looks the NM cable just has a sag in it, Who knows.

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No place is a good place for a needle valve. They’re not allowed it’s a tap fitting


Seriously though should we have a thimble in the wall? Or would that just be for wood?
Have to mention the cardboard :package: box

The following I found on Inspectapedia…an on Whirlpool water heater installation instructions

not 12 " rise before turning

A portion of the vent pipe (up to 75% of the total vertical height) can be horizontal, but the termination must be vertical. For the horizontal section, install without dips or sags with an upward slope of at least ¼ inch per foot. Install pipe avoiding unnecessary bends.

Is there a vertical section outside the block wall?

Is it actually resting on foam board ( a combustible)?

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I agree and I call them out all the time when visible. As I would have done here, but based only on the valve and not the placement not being sure of the placement.

Sorry to take the OP’s original question off topic.

There could be one in there it is just a masonry hack.

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The entire system is under pressure so I would not think the placement would matter. Its not as if there is a check valve in place.
To clarify, it doesn’t matter where the tank is in the system just that there is one in place to absorb the expansion of the system.
[When installed in accordance with manufacturer’s installation instructions.]
I’m going to put this in my signature LOL

That exhaust vent connector is way too long to draft naturally. Holy smokes!