gas water heater flue

is this natural gas water heater flue right? how does it work? i hear that these are common



The draft hood allows air to help create a draft.

The heated less dense gases are rising and escaping upward through the flue. Since this creates a negative pressure it will pull air from the environment to make up for it. This the reason why it is important to have enough air supplied to a gas appliance.

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How many angles does the flue pipe have to the exterior? Maximum bend in piping is usually 45 degrees. 90 degree bends restrict the flow.


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It should work correctly but not sure the photo does not show the run of the flue. As long as the flue is correct outside of the photo it appears operational. However, it does appear to have a negitive run at the edge of the photo. Your call, if still not sure be sure to contact your local NACHI inspector and he will let you know for a small fee.

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