Gas water heater TPRV discharge tube??


Do you find anything wrong with the way the TPRV discharge pipe is installed and routed? Do you find anything wrong how the Gas Water Heater is sitting on the garage? Is the distance from the garage floor to the combuation chamber of the gas w/h correct? Or does the w/h requires to be set on a stand higher that 12" from the floor?

Where’s the pictures?

You can see the pictures. I refresh and open the mesage board and there they are. Here are attached. All comments are welcome.





I believe it’s 18" off the floor, but check your local rules. That one’s incorrect and considered to be a fire hazard if the garage is used for vehicles or gasoline storage.

John Kogel

18" in the garage is what is necessary UNLESS it is a sealed combustion chamber. According to Kenton, this is one.

As to the TPR, is the copper pipe going into the wall of the second picture coming from the TPR? If so that’s wrong, it should discharge at the floor.

As Mark says… must be sealed combustion chamber, also known as FVIR to rest on the floor.
If that’s a screen in the base, it indicates that the water heater is Flamable Vapor Ignition Resistant (FVIR), which in some jurisdictions are allowed to be installed in a garage without the typically-required 18" height requirement.

Nothing wrong with it going through the wall to the exterior of the home, provided it discharges above grade and is conspicuous.

Oops. my bad. Absolutely correct. Forgot about that, as I never see it around here.

Are seismic restraints required in Florida?

It has to turn down too.

Shouldn’t it have a downward slope?

Yes, but it’s hard to tell from the angle of the pic.