GEC acceptable?

This was the only visible part of GEC for the service. Is this acceptable, or do I need to advise my client to seek further investigation?

It likely runs down the back of the brick veneer, to a ground rod. Did you see any rods? Or bonding conductor to metal water lines?
I have a standard disclaimer in my report that the grounding rod is not always visible, and therefore I cannot determine complete or proper grounding, but I wouldnt make a big deal about it.


This is very common here, because they usually disappear between the CMU and the hard coat.

The only part that you can see is about 1 inch exiting from the meter and then going into the brick wall.

Daniel’s got you covered.

In response to your thread title yes it is acceptable but this one reason why the NEC now requires an intersystem bonding terminal (IBT) at the meter location. It would have made it easier for the Telcom tech to connect to the GEC.