GEC acting as neutral

Havent seen this before, the meter is at exterior, service panel directly on other side of wall. No neutral conductor, just a bare 6 gauge conductor that is acting as neutral, and possibly the GEC. (Meter tag, could not verify if this was also the GEC or not, that is running down the wall under the meter)
I assume this is wrong, if nothing else, just because it is undersized to act as neutral, but wanted to see what others would say.
There is also no bonding screw or strap, but this bare conductor is bonded to the metal nut at the raceway. (the double tap is to a surge arrestor, I called out)

It looks like they ran a solid copper conductor as service neutral. In general a solid #8 or larger conductor cannot be used inside a raceway. As for sizing, the neutral is sized based on calculated unbalanced load. There appears to be a wire running up to the meter enclosure on the outside. It could be the GEC going to ground rods. I would call it out to be reviewed and corrected, if necessary, by an electrician.

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Thanks Simon. Yes, this appears to be the neutral, and there is a GEC running up the wall, but did not see a rod, probably buried, or to rebar.
I just dont know if this was the same conductor, or if this terminated at the meter lug.
Didnt know that about the #8 conductor in a raceway, what is the reasoning for that? Parallel path?

also, I see uninsulated neutral conductors (stranded) feeding sub panels quite often, that should always be called out as well, correct? (Typically when the sub panel is being fed with a 3 wire feed, same building)

Pulling a large solid conductor is almost impossible unless it’s a straight run or very short like what you have in the pics. Home inspection is none invasive, there is only so much we can do in cases like this. The wire goes inside a hole, gods knows where it goes from there, does it terminate properly inside the meter enclosure? who knows :smiley: We sort of assume it does. Just never say it’s in compliance or some such. When the installation looks atypical and you cannot determine it not to be an issue, the only thing left to do is defer it.

Yes, the feeder to remote panels should always have insulated neutral.

thanks again!

What did the weather head have just 2 conductors?

That would be 120 Volts. It needs 3 for 240 Volts.

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Larry they used the GEC for the neutral, thats why im asking ,its still 240 you can see it in the panel. Just curious why power company didnt put the proper size neutral.

The power company wiring stops at the weatherhead.

It was 3 conductors at the mast head. The meter is where it changes

From the meter to the panel is not power company wiring.

Around here, it is from the weather head to panel…

Quite a difference Larry.

Yes, the electrician picks up the meter base from the POCO and installed it and the mast and SEC. The POCO installs the meter and hooks up the drop when ready.

Main disconnect bus lug is double tapped.