Geminids meteor shower

The Geminids meteor shower is supposed to peak tonight, the best viewing predicted between 9pm and 12am

Look to the east in sky without street lights etc nearby allow several minutes for your eyes to adjust… Enjoy

Thanks Samuel .
Looks like we loose on this one just went out side and it is very cloudy .
Being 1600 miles north of you I thought we might have a good chance to see lots .

Please if you see them let us know what we missed .

All the best … Roy C

I just went outside again to look I see stars but city is bright no shooting stars but someone just blew up a couple grand in Big Fireworks towards the ocean. Show after all 11:50pm est

Any action expected tonight. I looked at the link posted quite a few times for 10 min a pop or so and went outside a few times and saw nothing. How about you guys anyone see anything good or expect anything tonight?

It’s possible, I haven’t looked tonight, got a decent show last night, heard some good reports and some ok reports. I’ve seen them miss the calculations before!