Meteor Shower Tonight

Geminid Meteor shower tonight, should start about 9pm. Geminid shower is known for unusually bright sometimes colorful displays.

  • Note that the “best viewing” times are usually predawn and late evening. In nearly all showers, the radiant is highest just before dawn. (The Geminids are visible all night long, since Gemini arises just an hour or two after nightfall; the radiant is highest a little after midnight.) Sporadic meteors (unrelated to a shower) can be seen on any night, but increase in frequency after midnight and peak just before dawn.
  • Starting around midnight, your location on the globe spins around to the forward-facing half of Earth (in relation to the direction of orbit). At dawn, your location on the globe directly faces the direction in which Earth is traveling along its orbit. So between midnight and dawn, you’ll be viewing the meteors head-on, for a more frequent display.
  • Enjoy:D

Thanks for the warning Samuel… much appreciated

Cloudy here. too bad.

It`s big in the UK rite now . Have a look later Roy

A Geminid meteor in 2012.
The Geminids are one of two meteor showers that occur in December.
Northern Hemisphere observers should try their luck right after sunset on December 13, while those in the Southern Hemisphere should try to catch the shower after midnight on December 14.
The Geminids can be annually observed between December 4 and December 17, with its peak activity being around December 14. The shower owes its name to the constellation Gemini from where the meteors seem to emerge from in the sky.

On average you can see a meter something like every 15 minute’s on a average night if I recall. Even in the city I often see them.

Canadian stargazers looking to kick off the holiday season with some fireworks may get a gift from the cosmos as the weekend comes to a close. The Geminid meteor shower is set to peak Sunday, and through to Monday morning, offering viewers a dazzling celestial show of between 30 to 120 shooting stars per hour.
Andrew Fazekas, astronomy columnist for National Geographic, said that if there are clear skies, the optimal viewing time is likely 10 p.m. ET.

Saw a couple this morning, also 2 satellites in view at the same time, that was cool, 1 flew right through the cup of the big dipper. then the skeeters ran me back inside.

For satellites you can see them best right before sunrise and right after sundown as the sun reflects off them.

Soo many up there it is a constant show.

Did you miss the much-anticipated Geminid meteor shower last night? Try again tonight — it’s not too late.

The Geminid meteor shower, one of the year’s best with up to 120 meteors per hour, peaks during daylight hours in Canada today.
“And that means tonight’s chances are still good for a meteor display,” says astronomy news website EarthSky.

NASA says there are good meteor rates both the night before the peak and the night after (that’s tonight). It recommends watching for them in the early morning hours tomorrow (Tuesday) morning. Your best chance to see them, as with all meteor showers, is to find someplace dark with a clear view of as much of the sky as possible.

Still wonder what I saw last month.

Looks like jet engine exhaust.

Yes it does but the object looked different in every picture and it keeps appearing then disappearing for about 5 minutes.
May have been sunlight playing tricks but sure was odd. Notice the strange shapes in closeup?

Swamp gas. :shock:

Bob it is the Mother ship . didn’t you get your ticket .LOL