General door frame out-of-square verbiage?

I’m at a lose for the most professional statement I can make about door frames. I thought it was one frame/door that had problems, but it seemed that all second floor doors were out of square. Is there a general comment about re-truing all doors as needed?



My reports are pretty simple.

I stay away from verbiage that’s confusing to my client.

Simply report what you find.

“All second floor (and report any other loocations) doors appear to be out of square.”

If this “out of square” defect is causing the doors to rub, Simply note it and recommend a Carpenter to evaluate and estimate repairs.


I am wondering if there are other issues at play here, seeing as all second floor door frames are out of square? See any structural problems?


Jeffrey, I agree, there may be other forces at play here. If one or two doors rub or ‘ghost’ then I wouldn’t be too concerned but simply point it out as in need of repair. Now if all doors rubbed or ghosted then I’d be much more inclined to recommend an SE, especially if there were any other signs of structural movement like drywall cracks, uneven floors, windows hard to open, etc. I’d be very cautious with this one.

I am not a structural engineer. Required by Pa law to say that.

Now that is out of the way, there was some repair work associated with the ceiling being ‘curved’. The workers tried lifting parts of the roof structure ‘up’ and I think they actually ‘pushed’ down on the second floor in places. I saw no foundation cracks(outside the inside is finished).

I could only ‘comment’ about it since the doors still ‘function’.



Yes…I compltely agree…I would recommend an SE also…repairing the door frames may only be a band-aid…sounds to me like the walls, etc… may be the problem…


Notate your observations, and defer to an SE.

Have a great day :smiley: