Generating a repair list

Does HIP have a way for agents to generate their repair list from the report or perhaps through their Isn dashboard?

Yes, we have for quite awhile now. When you’re uploading the report to ISN from within HIP click on the Request Repair List box.

No way to do that without a third party Vendor ?

Not at the moment but it’s being built into the new HIP HOP features.

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Thanks Dom!

Would love this to be a basic option in HIP. Makes too much sense for it not to be. Right in the software…without need to have to use anything else.

As I mentioned above Jeff, it’s being integrated into our new scheduler, HIP HOP. There has to be an online component as the agents need to log in to create the Repair List from your info. We set it up with ISN first as we have thousands of HIP users that also use ISN.