Home Inspector Pro Office Scheduler

Big Announcement on the Home Inspector Pro front! We have been working on a new HIP Office Manager Program(HOM?? HIP HOP??) to add full scheduling, contract signing, payments and reports into Home Inspector Pro. With the market changes recently and a large number of guys wanting to switch to HIP from other software, we’ve had a lot of requests for this. We’ve been assembling a small advisory committee of inspectors and others in the industry such as Paul Zak at America’s Call Center to help shape it’s direction and will open that up to everyone soon. We have two programmers now working on it full time and a third will be added shortly.

We will still FULLY support ISN and all it’s awesomeness and always will be more integrated with them than any other software program. ISN is light years ahead of everyone for scheduling and still the #1 program for this in the industry. HIP is Switzerland and we try to integrate with whatever helps our users. We are still going to be integrating with Nathan’s scheduler as well due to user requests.

Anyways, I just wanted to keep all of you in the loop. Stay tuned for more!!


Nice !

Dom, I think I understood what you were saying but it still sounded a little Greek- like, if you’re still supporting Isn then what benefit does this HOP bring?

Some people don’t want to use ISN. This gives them another alternative that’s built in. It won’t be as strong as ISN that has been kicking butt for the last decade adding features but it’ll have what many inspectors have been asking us for. A huge number of inspectors love ISN and all its features. HIP is about automation and streamlining your business. Use ours, use theirs, that’s up to what fits you the best.

Simple. Some people want to keep ISN. Some people don’t want to take the chance that their data and that of their client is subject to use by another company or sold by another company. Many want ISN, many do not. It is not that HIP is “supporting” ISN, it is just making access available for users of HIP.

ISN does so much it would be hard to give up.

But it would be nice to stop getting all the sync errors between the two.

If you’re getting sync errors definitely give us a call and make sure you’re on the latest version of HIP. You shouldn’t be getting any errors with the ISN upload unless you’re on a slow upload connection.

It seems the inspection I am working on is never on the list of available inspections, and I have to go back to ISN and do a “Create footprint”.

Often doesn’t bring in the right agent, or only 1/2 the agents profile.

And if the agent moves offices (as they like to do), I can’t just change it in ISN, I have manually change it in HIP too.

You’ll have to ask ISN why there’s not a footprint. That’s something that would be on their side. HIP just checks and pulls whatever is there. That’s not something I’ve heard before though so let me know what they say.

If it’s a new agent, HIP adds them to the address book, then you can select them. HIP matches based on email address (this is changing though). So if you have several agents sharing an email address it’ll think the agent already exists. We see this some times when the agents are just using the brokers email address.

Last one makes sense. HIP sees the agent already exists. I’ll make sure we’re updating the agents info no matter what. Thanks for the heads up!

Maybe Porch isn’t done uploading the information to their sales lists yet… :shock:

Always stirring the pot Steve! I doubt that’s the issue :wink:

Same thing happens to me on occasion.

I would except I was kicked out of the ISN FB group.

They don’t like me anymore. Though they don’t seem to mind taking my money. lol

Please! Because I’ve had so many agents change brokers in the last year, and not only do I have to update it in ISN, but then HIP on my desktop AND HIP on my laptop.

Install HIP to your Dropbox account so they’re identical on both devices. Email their tech support or help desk your support question.

I thought we had this discussion that Apple won’t let me redirect my HIP folders.

Also, if I’m doing reports on my laptop, it usually means I’m not at home, so I want to have as little dependence on wifi as possible.

That latest version of Dropbox for Mac lets you choose other folders to sync.

Scot, ISN has a forum on this message board. They cannot block you there such as the heavily regulated Facebook groups.

Dom I am for anything that stops need for yet another 3rd party slobbering over our information . For that matter HIP has been due for any kind of Client and Agent contact search feature for a long time . Simple stuff like fees charged does not exist .

That’s all part of HIP HOP.