Home Inspector Pro 4.7 Released for Windows! Now with HTML Reports & More!

**Home Inspector Pro 4.7 is Out!


Home Inspector Pro 4.7 is loaded with great new features! Make sure to read this entire email for important info. The Windows version is on the site now. Mac to be released shortly.


For years we didn’t bother to create HTML reports because they didn’t have the awesome capability of a PDF to look the same on every device. Their look varied greatly depending on screen size, resolution, browser type, etc. Inspectors have always said they wanted to know what their clients would see on their screen and it just wasn’t possible.

All that has changed. We’ve worked on a project the last 2 years to create HTML files that look IDENTICAL to the high quality PDF you’re used to seeing, digital stationery, video, everything looking perfect.

With HIP 4.7 you can now generate both an HTML and PDF report at the same time. The HTML portion will be uploaded to the HIP Cloud OR directly to ISN for online access.

The biggest advanted to the HTML reports is that video will play on every device… desktop, mobile phones, tablets & iPads! Right now PDF’s look great and play on almost any device but a few people out there open their reports in PDF “Preview” programs and they had to be told to switch to a full PDF program like Adobe. This is changing too as PDF programs catch up but HIP 4.7 solves both issues.

The big advantage to the PDF is you can print out a great looking report and it can be stored offline by you or your clients, without any cloud service needed.

Note that the HTML feature DOES require the Cloud service as it’s being uploaded to our servers (this includes inspectors that use ISN!).


  • Brand new mobile sync inteface on the desktop for simpler/easier/streamlined management of your inspections in the cloud
  • Improvements in ISN integration.
  • Automatic scaling of the program for high resolution monitors. More improvements are in the works here too.
  • Clearer, scaled buttons allow for easier access to commonly used tools.
  • Option added to turn measurements on/off sketches
  • Much more! We’ll post the update notes to the HIP forum shortly.
  • We have more exciting new features in the works!


A separate HIP cloud account is REQUIRED for each inspector to use HIP Mobile. A HIP Cloud account is also required to Upload PDF reports to the HIP servers, to Upload HTML reports to the HIP servers OR ISN (as we’re storing the HTML), and to do Home Energy Scores. If you’re not currently subscribed to the cloud you’re in danger of your service being turned off. The new HTML feature more than doubles the cloud usage so we’re adding features in HIP’s servers to help us reach out to those that don’t. If you’re emailing your PDF’s out or uploading them to ISN and not using mobile, you don’t need the cloud service.

Because of the new “chipped” credit cards, over half our users subscriptions were automatically cancelled when the new cards came out. While many of you resubscribed, there’s still a few guys that don’t read our emails or Paypal’s when cards bounce. It’s extremely important that you go to the HIP Website, log in with your account, click Pricing and resubscribe to the HIP Cloud to ensure your service continues working.

If you’re not sure if your HIP Cloud account is set up correctly, or even if you need it, feel free to email us at Help@HomeInspectorpro.com.

Download Trial Now
Not using Home Inspector yet?
Go to http://www.HomeInspectorPro.com to download the trial.

Already a HIP user?
Log into http://www.HomeInspectorPro.com on the top of the site and click on User Menu=>Download to upgrade to the latest version.

Love how it works on the phone for clients.
You can have multiple videos playing at one time .

Glad it is finally out.

Thanks to Bob and a lot of other guys on here for helping beta test this!

Honest question and not trying to be a dick. Is the HTML just a way to phase out the PDF so you can change all hip users over to a monthly subscription in the future? I know that’s where the money is at for developers but it’s a practice that I despise and one of the main reasons I chose hip in the beginning. I already have enough fingers in my account monthly and I loath the businesses that are in there. I like owning what I buy and being able to purchase upgrades flat out. I know, long post for a yes or no question, but I think I see where this is headed :frowning:

Great question! The answer is most definitely no! Most of our users already have the cloud anyways as they use mobile.

We love PDF’s as do our users. We pushed to get HTML done primarily because video still doesn’t work on an iPhone or iPad without installing a separate app. On the desktop everyone has Adobe but it was an extra step for those users. Having an awesome looking PDF and HTML which can look the way you want on both gives you and your customers the best of both worlds. You can still just do the PDF with you want and no cloud is needed.

Great answer, thanks for taking the time to reassure me. With a large number of homes I inspect being 100+ years old, often canned comments don’t work well for me because there’s so much variety and specific location comments. I’ve tried it, but ultimately my best inspections are performed with me, my tool belt and my Nikon. It keeps my on-site time down and makes for a more detailed inspecton. I may start doing newer homes mobile in the future, but at the same time, I can often do them in 2.5-3 hours the old fashioned way anyway (arrival on site to report sent). Everybody does things different and I think that’s what makes hip so great. Whether you do conventional, mobile, Mac, PC, isn or not etc, it suits everyone. I’d love to see even more personalized visual layout customization in the future, but that’s minor and it’s function is second to none, and that’s what really matters.

Wayne to extend the answer on a personal note .
I rarely use mobile because for me anything I do beyond clicking a single button to capture a image is distracting most of the time with the way I run around the Joints.

The HTML is for Clients whom in today’s world often do not open reports on home devices anymore because everyone is on the go.

I am doing my reports and sending them a link to PDF and HTML version with one stroke and unlike other software the HTML version looks like PDF but has some cool control features.
It can open like a book or scroll with their option.

My video experimentation going on since January that the Dullard trolls here made fun of was enabled thanks to the Beta trial which has been flawless.
I have had many compliments from regular referring Agents on the HTML video enabled version which can cut out many pages at times.

Dom sounds great congrats! Would love to see a sample HTML report, is there anywhere that is available?

When does the Mac version come out?

I hope so. Right now the right agent only comes through maybe 1/2 the time.

Oh thank you. This drives me nuts on my HD monitor.

Hi, do you have any samples of those HTML reports with videos?



Home Gauge has been doing this for years.
It’s about time you copied this feature that Tardo Bob said he hated.
What’s next? A repair list feature? (Clients love them)
Home Gauge Rocks !!!

How do you generate an HTML report?
I can’t find it in the program.

After all the HTML poo poo, now this? This is comical.

Well! I don’t use HIP Cloud or ISN nor do I want to. So! No HTML reports for me.

Ain’t it?
I had to change my Depends early this morning.

Actually there’s a huge difference. HIP reports now look identically awesome in PDF and HTML format, something no other software that I’m aware of can do. No improper page breaks, split photos, etc in our PDF. Video works in the PDF and in HTML. I’ve said all along that the problem with html was that you couldn’t make it look the same for all your clients. Can you say that about your report? You don’t know how the report looks at Super high resolution or on a 30" screen or a tiny iPhone (very different). Images auto scale on ours based on resolution instead of shrinking at higher resolutions. It took a few years but we found a way around that. We refused to release a subpar HTML format, so we didn’t. Now that we can make it awesome, we have!

Sorry do have half a dozen other programs. But no one except us can create video in both and have the report look identical in either Html or pdf ������. Don’t worry, we had a photo locker for 10 years before anyone else as well as other features! It’s not about copying anyone. Apple refused to show video on their PDFs so we had to come up with a way for video to work no matter what.

Dom the Dullard’s were warned and like occupants stuck in Hell are raising fists in anger over past choices. Lol. They simply do not get it and neither do their Clients unfortunately till switching to a more HIP Inspector.

Way too funny. No comments needed. :slight_smile:

The way HG does it copied RH and it looks terrible.HIP is now with zero doubt the best and most attractive.You guys do not even have stationary yet or working i phone .Backwards .Had to have zillion complaints before allowing integration with ISN.What a joke.

Dom is on the right track judging by the Moths to honey Trolls here …ha ha.